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  DISCOVERY I 1989->1998 (FA393361 -> WA799999)
   Transfer Box
   Axles & Suspension
   Vehicle & Engine Controls
   Braking Systems
   Fuel & Emission Systems
   Exhaust Systems
   Cooling & Heating
   Body Electrics
   Body & Chassis
         Front Bumper Assembly
         Rear Bumper Assembly
         Bodyshell-5 Door
         Inner Bodyside Panels Rear End
         Body Warning Labels
         Bonnet Locking & Release
         Bonnet Assembly
         Front Wing Assembly
         Rear Side Door Assembly
         Front Door Frame
         Rear End Door Assembly
         Fuel Filler Flap
         Roof Assembly-Plain
         Sunroof Assembly-Electric
         Mudflap Assembly
         Spare Wheel Mounting - Rear End Door - Fixed
         Front Door Assembly
         Styled Bodytapes
         Bodyshell-3 Door
         Wheelarch & Valance
         Dust Proofing Seals
         Roof Rack
         Rear End Panels
         Body Colour Labels
         Grille & Headlamp Surround-To (V)LA081990
         Grille & Headlamp Surround-From (V) MA081991
         Windscreens - Alpine Lights & Interior Mirror
         Rear Door Frame
         Locks & Handles-Front Door
         Rear Door Locks
         Rear Door Lock Cover
         Rear End Door Lock
         Bodyside Outer Panels
         Side Opening Windows
         Sunroof Assembly Rear
         Plenum Moulding
         Drip Rail Mouldings
         Rubbing Strips-Italy SE Only
         Rubbing Strips-Except XS
         Body Tapes-3 Door
         Body Tapes-3 Door (Cont')
         Body Tapes-FXi2-Gulf States
         Body Tapes-FXi3-Gulf States
         Body Tapes-FXi XS-Gulf States
         Body Tapes-FXi4-Gulf States
         Body Tapes
         Wheelarch Extension-Germany"Sunseeker"
         Bodyside Mouldings-XS Only
         Body Tapes-XS 1996
         Body Tapes-FXi 1996
         Exterior Mirrors-Manual
         Dog Guard-Commercial Only
         Hard Top & Glass-Pick Up-Denmark
         Exterior Mirrors-Electric-To (V) LA081990
         Exterior Mirrors-Electric-From (V) MA081991
         Window Regulators-Front-Manual
         Window Regulators-Front-Electric-Up To MA137189
         Window Regulators-Front-Electric-From MA137190
         Window Regulator-Rear-Manual
         Window Regulator-Rear-Electric-To (V) MA137189
         Window Regulator-Rear-Electric-From (V) MA137190
         Sunroof Assembly Front-To (V) JA034313
         Sunroof Assembly Front-From (V) KA034314
   Interior Trim
   Special Vehicle Options